Backstory NS

Backstory NS is a digital publication which presents the stories of notable Nova Scotians from all walks of life in their own words. Biweekly, on Saturday mornings, Backstory NS publishes a long-form, compelling story accompanied by eye-catching photographs. Each story is based on an old-fashioned visit with the storyteller, and the result is an interview that delves far beneath the surface—in search of the backstory—and is meant to be read and reread at one’s leisure. Backstory NS is not a tourist or promotional magazine. The stories are by turns gritty, funny, scary, sad, insightful and inspiring. They’re told with wit, humour and pathos. In this age of “branding,” “content creation” and “strategic communications,” these stories are refreshing. They’re the real deal. Subscribers, whether visiting for a satisfying read, research or education, will have access to all stories in their entirety via the Backstory NS archives. By setting the individual subscription rate at a modest $40 per year (taxes included), we hope the lion’s share of those with an interest in these stories will be able to access them via a subscription. We appreciate the support! Backstory NS is inspired in large part by Ron Caplan’s Cape Breton’s Magazine, which was published for more than 25 years between the 1970s and 1990s, and continues to be read and reread today—either via the dog-eared and treasured original copies or online at We are indebted to and support strong journalism across Nova Scotia.

Greg MacVicar, publisher

Greg is a reporter and editor based in Marion Bridge. He earned a bachelor of science degree from the former Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Bible Hill in 2004 and a bachelor of journalism degree from the University of King’s College in Halifax in 2005. Since then, he’s worked as a freelance reporter with The Chronicle Herald, as editor of the St. Paul Journal weekly newspaper in northeastern Alberta, and as a reporter and associate editor with The Cape Breton Post. Greg has also done freelance writing, editing and photography for a number of publications, including Farm Focus, Rural Delivery, Atlantic Forestry Review, Atlantic Beef, Atlantic Horse & Pony, Cape Bretoner Magazine, Saltscapes Magazine, The Canadian Organic Grower Magazine and Shunpiking Magazine.